1. More wood

Fertilizing increases the timber yield of your forest. Fertilizing peatland forests with Ecolan Silva® HORUS ash fertilizer produces 40-80 m3/ha more timber than would be without having replenished the nutritional state. By investing, you increase your sales revenue 3000-4000 euros per hectare of fertilized trees.

2. Faster wood

A fertilized forest always produces wood and income faster than without fertilization. Ecolan Silva® NITRO nitrogen-ash fertilizer gives your forest all the right tools for quick growth. In forest soils with a low mineral content, one fertilizing cycle is enough to produce 30-40 m3 of additional growth. Basic fertilization ensures that the stock of balanced nutrients is obtained for more than 20 years and ensures that fertilizing with nitrogen is optimally effective in the future as well. The efficient does not waste. The additional growth in one place can !!!

3. Better wood

Start making quality from the top. Ecolan Silva® compound forest fertilizers eliminate serious nutritional deficiencies and allow you to avoid financial losses, which are caused when phosphorus, potassium and boron deficiencies are left untreated. When you assure the health of the tops from the seedlings, you will grow timber faster and produce valuable basal and top trunks with healthy branches. This way you can offer the timber processors what they are looking for: sturdy and healthy trunks.

4. A more valuable forest

The valuation of a forest as property is mainly based on the capital invested in its wood. Fertilizing with Ecolan Silva® forest fertilizer adds directly and quickly to your forest's value, as well as expectations that are always re-evaluated whenever the farm changes owners. Fertilization always benefits both the seller and the buyer, as well as old and new generations. The forestry donor can harvest the timber once more, invest funds in forestry as fertilizer and reduce their costs in taxation. Well planned new owner mak!!!

5. Safe for the nature

The Ecolan Silva® forestry fertilizer uses pure, nutritious ashes produced in the production of bioenergy. A high-quality material from the forest ecosystem makes the products safe for nature and for you. The iron and aluminium compounds contained in the fertilizers effectively contain phosphorus, which is why the risk of nutrient leaching is very low, when acting according to the fertilizer guidelines. Fertilization does not endanger or restrict the use of berries, fungi or game in the fertilized areas.