Ecolan Silva®

Ecolan Silva® is your forest growth factor

  • The best investment for your forest

    Our high-quality domestic Ecolan Silva® ash fertilizer is designed to efficiently respond to all of the nutrition needs of your forest in the different growth stages. You can find a reliable and environmentally safe fertilizer for tree farming in heath and peatland forests.

  • High interest forestry

    With fertilization your forest becomes a high interest investment. The return on tree cultivation investment is the trunk. The bigger the area of trunks in your forest, the better your profit from logging.   In addition to the cubic metres your income is also accrued on quality. Robust and knot-free logs are the most important qualities for timber processers. A healthy and growing forest produces more trunks of higher quality and faster.

  • Safe growth

    With Ecolan Silva® forest fertilizers nutrients lost during harvesting will be replenished. High-quality, pure and nutrient-rich ashes that are the result of bio-energy production are used in the production of fertilizers.  Multiple nutrients and long lifetimes of the raw materials make fertilization sustainable nutrient management, which preserves your valuable heritage for posterity.