Ecolan Infra®

Secondary materials for groundworks

  • Circular economy products for groundworks

    Ecolan Infra® recovered materials for groundworks saves untouched natural materials for more demanding applications. Natural aggregates can be directly replaced with recovered materials. It also reduces the loss of natural wealth - such as underground water resources.

  • Also the poor-quality ground materials are utilised

    A variety of stabilization techniques are now being used in groundworks that allow the utilisation of poor-quality ground materials. Ecolane is developing biobinders which can help the use of previously marginalized poor quality ground materials utilized in many groundworks sites. This also decreases transport volumes - which directly reduces emissions from heavy traffic.

  • Recovered materials – energy efficiency

    Ecolan Infra® recovered biobinderswill bring an alternative alongside the very energy-intensive binders. These are made out of waste from the energy industry and side flows from other industries that will be recycled in these recovered materials.