1. Efficient fertilizing solution for all cultivation

For an organic fertilizer, Ecolan Agra® contains an exceptional amount of the primary nutrients useful for plants. Research has shown that the growth response of nitrogen and phosphorus in the main ingredient, meat and bone meal, is equivalent to that of chemical fertilizers.

2. Nutrients bring revenue

Ecolan Agra® contains a variety of important side nutrients for growth (Ca, Mg, S) as well as trace elements. Thanks to its efficiency, the fertilizing cost is quickly regained with the added crops.

3. Easy to use and spread

The new Ecolan Agra® 8-4-2 fertilizer has been granulated equigranular, which makes using it easy and ensures an excellent spreading uniformity. Conventional seed and surface spreaders are suitable for spreading the fertilizer.  The recommended amount to use in field cultivation is 500–1000 kg per hectare.